Social Media VS. Email For Business


We join social media sites like Facebook to feel a sense of belonging and of being a member of a special community of people who share some type of common bond. We want to be able to communicate to, and to be an active participant in two way conversations there. We view Social Media as an entertainment source. We want to be informed and have our contributions accepted. To share and be shared with. To feel important and valued as a member of that group.

We generally perceive Email as simply a source of information. We want it to be short and simple. Even if we subscribe to a commercial email list, we may still perceive that information as intrusive if it gets too detailed or long. We want quick & easy options in our email. Give us the basics, and if the subject piques our interest, make it quick & easy for us to learn more. If the subject does not interest us, we want to move on quickly and easily. We are busy people.

When using Social sites or Email for Business Marketing we must always understand those differences and respect the needs, wants and perceptions of the readers and tailor our messages accordingly.

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