Increasing Your Restaurant’s Bottom Line: Desserts & Specialty Beverages Pt 1.

partners320headerIncreasing your sales of Desserts & Specialty Beverages is the perfect way to painlessly and inexpensively increase your bottom line.

Most restaurants make an effort to accomplish this by having their servers verbally ask if the guest would like dessert before presenting the check to the guest. Just saying we have “Black Forest Cake” for dessert is not enough. Better yet is coaching your servers to enthusiastically say something like “Our Black Forest Cake is to die for”.

You need to help the server make that add on sale. Studies have shown that little things like just having the hostess or host enthusiastically remind the guest “Don’t forget to save room for one of our incredible desserts” as they are being seated or handed their menus can increase dessert sales by 30 to 50 percent.

Dessert carts are the perfect way to display your exclusive signature desserts. If that is inconvenient or impractical, having the host/hostess direct the guest’s attention to a well dressed dessert display case  as they are waiting to be seated or entering the dinning room to be seated while reminding them  “to save room for dessert” is an excellent alternative.

Just listing desserts on a menu like “Black Forest Cake – 5.99” does not do the dessert justice.

Separate professionally designed dessert menus provide the focus and the space for you to properly describe and picture your signature dessert selections.

Using Websites, Email Newsletters & Social Media like Facebook are the perfect way to increase your sales and your bottom line. You can help pre-sell the guest on your signature desserts long before they even enter your establishment.

You can create beautiful and visually appealing images and prose to promote your offerings on website menus.

If you send your regular guests email newsletters you can use the space there to periodically promote the specialty desserts in an appealing manner. Just running a special offer occasionally in your emails will create an awareness of it in the future for your guest, even if they don’t redeem that special offer at that time.

This is even more true if the offer is made to your regular followers on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst. You have the perfect opportunity to get exposure to your special offerings that will have that “Wow!” appeal.

Put yourself in the role of  a guest. Which approach will have a bigger impact on you?

Black Forest Cake  –  $5.99


Our Signature Black Forest Cake: AKA “WOW!”

Alternating layers of dark, rich chocolate cake; heavy whipped cream; and a mouth watering Chocolate Ganache overflowing with Kirsch infused dark sweet cherries.
Smothered in a sinfully rich whipped cream icing.
Topped with decadently dark chocolate shavings and sweet-tart cherries.
Then Liberally Drizzled with our own special signature sweet cherry brandy sauce upon serving.

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