1 in 10 anti-virus apps are actually malware


1 in 10 anti-virus apps are actually malware.

Even official app stores like Apple’s & Goggle’s are full of anti-malware apps that are actually themselves malware. Be very careful when downloading such apps. Don’t assume that just because it is a popular download that it is legitimate. Do your research.


“Of the 4,292 active anti-virus apps, 525 of them set off malware alarms for RiskIQ. That means that more than one in 10 anti-virus apps are traps waiting to push malware on your phone.

Of those 525 fake virus protectors, 508 of them are in the Google Play store, researchers said. The rest can come from third-party app stores. RiskIQ looked through 189 different app stores to find fake anti-viruses.”

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